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Iggy Azalea Is Reborn In Spiritual ‘Savior’ Music Video!

Iggy Azalea is reborn in the spiritual-themed music video for “Savior,” the Quavo-assisted lead single off her upcoming album Surviving the Summer.

The symbolic clip, directed by Colin Tilley, takes place inside a Neon-drenched Cathedral decked out with neon fixtures and religious imagery. Iggy, dressed in all white, walks down the aisle of a church, and is also seen in black with a neon halo around her head and burning roses in her hands. As the video progresses, she gets baptized and eventually rises from the darkness to a place of light, ultimately realizing that she is her own savior.

Iggy looks truly amazing and the video is perfectly fitting to the message of the song. I say win!

“The song itself speaks to the notion of looking for a savior when you feel like you’re at your absolute lowest, an idea that resonates with almost everyone’s need for companionship,” Iggy recently said in a statement. “However, upon further thought, I believe that there is an even deeper message hidden in the song: Before someone else can save you, you need to find peace within yourself. In searching for a savior, you will find one, but it may not be the person you were expecting. You, ultimately, are your own greatest savior.”

Iggy Azalea’s new single “Savior” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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