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Introducing: FHAT ‘Back To Life’ (Fabich & Jafunk)

Sure, Top 40 pop music is a bit, hit or miss at the moment. But across the pond, the dance scene continues to flourish (as per usual).

From Disclosure to Clean Bandit to Gorgon City to Disciples to SG Lewis, there’s been absolutely no shortage of incredibly crafted, early ’90’s House and UK garage greatness over the past few years. And now, there’s a new voice to add to the growing community: FHAT, a brand new duo made-up by singer-songwriter’s Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric. (You may remember Aaron from his solo days back in 2015. We go way back.)

“So FHAT is a duo with me and my friend Sedric Perry from Philly. We’ve spent the last year in Berlin making music and exploring ourselves. It all started when we met at a party in the Hollywood Hills and became instant friends,” Aaron said in a statement. “Due to us pursuing our own music careers and coming from very different backgrounds, we avoided working together on music for awhile. Making sure not to over do it since we had already been hanging out together so much. Then on a trip to London together we did a session with English producer FABICH, who has worked with the likes of Josh Barry, Katy B, James Vickery and is quickly making his name known in the London dance scene. Jafunk, a regular headlining DJ at Coco / producer from Perth Australia, was also part of the session. The four of us really vibe-d for a few hours and the product was our debut single “Back To Life.” We were exploding with good vibes. From there, FHAT was born.”

“We want to make people dance and feel good – our tracks always have FHAT baselines! Slightly influenced by the ’90s trends happening now and both being ’90s babies taking it back to or influences,” FHAT explains. “‘Back to Life‘ is about our friendship and how we are as best friends. Our journey through the music industry and how we like to have fun (smoke weed and not let negativity get to us) we have each other backs no matter what.”

Unabashed by their very recent entrance to the London dance scene, the two maintain an impossibly sultry cool and introduce smooth, jazzy vocal house-based builds in their glorious introduction “Back To Life.” The dance floor throbber fits in snugly somewhere between gems by Disclosure and Kaytranada.

Still hot off the heels of his previous release “Naked Lines” with Aaron (One of my faves off my latest Billboard: Queer Necessities playlist), Fabich is quickly rendering an impressive catalog of nu disco and deep house inspired tracks. Keep an ear out for Fabich, Jafunk and of course FHAT and their imminent breakout in dance music with “Back To Life,” below.

“Back to Life (feat. FHAT)” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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