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Song of the Week: Carlie Hanson ‘Us’

Blame it all on Drake“! Carlie Hanson‘s done it again.

The up-and-coming Wisconsin native became quite the welcome surprise with her unbelievably good debut “Why Did You Lie?” at the tail end of summer, which was then followed up by the equally great “Only One” back in November. And now, Carlie‘s serving up another winning slice of pop with her latest single “Us,” this week’s Song of the Week.

The bass-heavy cut sees the full-body-voiced songstress getting lost in fucks-free reverie, lovin’ across a thrilling infectious electro-R&B production. “So fuck it if they don’t like us/ Cause I think we’re fucking righteous/ We’re out of our minds, we’re mindless,” Carlie declares above the infectious pulsations and cosmic synthesizers. “But we don’t mind it/ We’re just gonna do what nobody do/ So fuck it if they don’t like us.”

With each track, Carlie‘s only continuing to impress. She’s already one of my new favorites. Is there no end to this? I sure hope not – GET FAMILIAR!

Carlie Hanson’s new single “Us” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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