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Paris Hilton Spreads The Love On Valentine’s Day Gem, ‘I Need You’!

Heiress Paris Hilton, aka Queen of DJing and Perfumes, has finally blessed us with a brand new single!

After a week of teasing with photos on her Instagram, the “Stars Are Blind” legend has finally dropped her latest release “I Need You” in honor of Valentine’s Day (February 14) – And it’s a super bubbly, doo-wop inspired affair! Who would’ve thought?!?

I wanna put the happy in your Birthday/ And I wanna be the merry in your Christmas/ I’m always giving thanks for you on every Thanksgiving/ Sure as the sun will rise, I need you…,” Paris declares at the start of the track, which was co-penned and produced by Simon Wilcox and Mike Green.

Paris is truly feeling the love. She’s got plenty of reason to, from her recent engagement to The Leftovers star, Chris Zylka. As a result, Paris has provided us with a tune that bursts with an appropriate sort of Valentine’s Day-like giddiness while managing to stay true to her cheeky persona.

While it’s certainly no “Stars Are Blind” or “Come Alive,” “I Need You” is a genuinely fun camp pop record – and even if the general public doesn’t give her the time of day as a legitimate pop queen, who really gives a fuck about ’em? Paris is here to spread the love. GET INTO IT!

Paris Hilton’s latest “I Need You” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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