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Lauv Tackles An Endless Cycle On Dreamy Breakup Ballad, ‘Getting Over You’!

While his breakout single “Like Me Better” (One of 2017’s Top Singles) continues to grow – recently passed the 330 million mark on Spotify, entered the Top 25 on the Pop Radio charts and crossed platinum sales – Lauv is steadily releasing singles from his playlist project, I Met You When I Was 18.

Most recently we’ve received “Easy Love” and “Paris in the Rain,” and now, Lauv is treating us to yet another winner: “Getting Over You,” produced by Ari himself and co-written by his longtime collaborator Michael Matosic.

The track is a dreamy pop ballad all about dealing with a breakup and those endless emotional cycles you deal with to try and get over the relationship. “I tried spending my nights under/ Someone new/ But the truth is/ I could spend my whole life getting over you,” Lauv confesses over the crashing drums and lush synthesizers. “Getting over you/ Getting over you…

When it comes to breakup songs, no one does it quite as good as Lauv, and “Getting Over You” is certainly no exception.

“I’ve been playing ‘Getting Over You’ live for a while and it means a lot to me, so I’m excited to finally officially share it with the world,” Lauv said in a statement. “The song falls towards the end of the story behind my playlist I met you when I was 18. (although I won’t promise it’s the end because I write A LOT of sad songs!). The lyrics are about the feeling after a breakup where you think you might literally never get over it, and you’re living with what feels like an endless cycle of self-destruction, loathing, and emptiness.”

Lauv’s latest release “Getting Over You” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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