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Tinashe Reunites With Future On Hypnotic Nighttime Single, ‘Faded Love’!

After jump-starting her Joyride era (again) with the Offset-assisted “No Drama” last month, Tinashe reunites with Future on her next release “Faded Love” – number two out of three new promo songs set to be released as a ‘tringle’ (trio of singles) of sorts.

Unlike the more hip-hop leaning “No Drama,” “Faded Love” sees Tinashe swerving right back into her genre-bending pop lane, spreading some “luh, luh, luh-luh-love” across the synth-heavy, StarGate-produced nighttime gem: “Let’s just feel this feelin’/ High up as the ceilin’/ Let’s just, let’s just feel this feelin’/ Let’s just feel this moment/ We can make it last…,” she seductively croons across the chilled out electro-R&B pulsations.

Future provides some of his signature mixture of rapping and Auto-Tuned singing on his verse. “If you love me, teach me, I wanna learn,” he sings. “Take you farther than Jerusalem when it’s my turn / We so spiritually connected / We goin’ in the right direction.”

It’s a sensual and hypnotic number that feels like a natrual progression from their first collaboration “How Many Times” off 2014’s Aquarius. This is exactly the magic I’ve been wanting to hear from Tinashe. I’m all buckled up and ready for more!

Tinashe’s latest “Faded Love (feat. Future)” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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