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Tove Styrke Continues Winning Streak With New Single, ‘Changed My Mind’!

Swedish goddess Tove Styke, who put out one of our Top Singles of 2017, has just released a brand new single titled “Changed My Mind“!

The track, produced by Elof Loelv, is her third single in less than a year following “Mistakes” and “Say My Name.” All three are set to appear on her forthcoming new album, Sway, which is slated for a May 4 release via Sony Music Sweden / RCA Records.

Similarly to “Mistakes” and “Say My Name” before it, “Changed My Mind” hits subtly with a cool, calm and collected ease at first: “Ooh, pull me closer/ And I changed my mind/ Ooh, it ain’t over/ And I changed my mind/ I wasn’t really sure about us/ But now I’m pretty sure about us/ Ooh, pull me closer/ ‘Cause I changed my mind,” Tove confesses before a drop pulled straight from Major Lazer‘s manual comes surging through the speakers. The end result, however, is something that slyly gets under your skin.

The song offers up a more experimental vibe from Tove, as her breathy voice stretches and speeds up to near-helium heights in its final moments before coming back down to the ground for the thumping chorus. A winner, indeed!

“It’s like, you decided with your head that ‘this person is a bad idea’ but whenever you bump into them or hang out that’s just not what happens,” Tove said in a statement about the single. “You try and be friends with them and act normal, but you can’t help but slide back to whatever it was that you had… you know… you don’t want there to be a vibe, but there is vibe.”

Tove also goes on to describe her forthcoming album, “I’m very excited to announce my album Sway. It’s been the best kind of fun, wake-up-and-wonder-why-you-even-do-this kind of scary, incredibly interesting (it may sound like I’m exaggerating here but this music has been my life for the past 1.5 years) and I’m really proud of how it’s turned out. A lot of these are feelings I thought I’d take with me to the grave but hey, I put them on an album instead! Fun! Hopefully people can relate.”

Tove Styrke’s new single “Changed My Mind” is available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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