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Rita Ora & Liam Payne Bring The Dramatics In ‘For You’ Music Video!

In case you’ve been out of the loop… Rita Ora and Liam Payne‘s Fifty Shades Freed single “For You” is an instant earworm from the very first play.

The euphoric, Swede-pop production has been on heavy rotation every since it dropped earlier this month, so it’s no surprise that the just released accompanying music video is a just as fabulous and extravagant as the song itself.

The cinematic clip opens with Rita walking the grounds of a mansion in a stunning red gown, smouldering to the camera. We then see Liam, all suited up and stressfully pacing in his bedroom with his whisky by his side. They float around in their individual set-ups, as you do, and then eventually meet at the bottom of a staircase for a true duet moment. It’s a fitting setting for the track and I loved the whole over-the-top dramatic feel of it all. It lives up to the songs quality for the most part, so I say job well done everyone.

Liam Payne & Rita Ora’s Fifty Shades Freed single “For You” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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