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Charlie Puth Goes Acappella With Boyz II Men On ‘Voicenotes’ Cut, ‘If You Leave Me Now’!

Charlie Puth is giving us another glimpse into his anticipated sophomore album Voicenotes, which he recently announced will now arrive on May 11th.

That’s basically a century from now so thankfully the inescapable hit-maker has dropped “If You Leave Me Now,” featuring the famed R&B vocal trio Boyz II Men, to help tide us over until then.

The song is essentially an a cappella ballad that sees Charlie and Boyz II Men urging their significant others not to walk out on the relationship. “‘Cause girl, if you leave me now/ If you give it up and just walk right out/ You will take the biggest part of me,” they croon. “And all the things that I believe/ Baby, if you leave me now (yeah).”

It’s no “Attention” or “How Long” but indeed a solid album cut with wonderful vocal performances from both Charlie and the Boyz. Did you really expect anything less though? The Boyz are legends! Props to Charlie, for sure – Listen below!

“If You Leave Me Now” (feat. Boyz II Men) is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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