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Jon ALi Presents: The Top 20 Music Videos Of 2017!

Hello, it’s me (again). Just yesterday, I worked my way through my Top 50 Albums Of 2017. And now, it’s time lay your eyes on a visual treat: My Top 20 Music Videos of 2017!

This list was fairly easy to make, considering we don’t really get that many great music videos anymore. It’s been a dying music accompanying art form for years, but luckily, there’s always a handful of artists who decide to step up their game and rise above the basics of the world. As always, let me know what you think and feel free to comment below with your own list. BESOS!

20. Logic1-800-273-8255 (feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid): The California-based rapper’s “1-800-273-8255” was already powerful to begin with, but paired with this music video, its message was lifted up higher to new heights. It’s a stunning visual that does the talking for itself. With so much hate in the world right now this message couldn’t be more important and timely, especially to P.O.C, the LGBTQ community, and the trans community. For anyone struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, please call this number. Thank you, Logic.

19. Majid JordanBody Talk: Neon-drenched dance party with two Toronto-based babes. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. Sleek and cool eye candy done right.

17. The AcesPhysical: When it comes to female fronted rock bands, there’s a major shortage in the mainstream. 2017 luckily blessed us with The Aces and their undeniably joyful visual for “Physical.” In the pastel-colored clip, directed by Charlotte Rutherford, we see the fierce foursome taking full control of the spotlight as they parade around in prom dresses with absolute no f*cks to give – these girls ain’t got time for your unrequited love and I was all about it.

16. St. VincentNew York: Directed by Alex Da Corte in conjunction with All Ages Productions, the clip features Queen Vincent at the center of a series of stunning and colorful imagery. The Big Apple has never looked so vivid, fantastical and surreal.

15. LordeGreen Light: Lorde gets a lot of shit for her left-of-center dance moves and in the visual for “Green Light” she uses it as her main strength to properly depict her breakup anthem. It’s “Dancing On My Own” magic all over again.

14. Little MixTouch: It’s no secret that I love me an all-female anything. There is just something about a group of fierce ladies standing together that takes me to a higher place. Little Mix kept my faith in girl groups alive all year, and this colorful non-stop dance romp is exactly what we’ve been wanting to see from them for years. A major win.

13. Selena GomezBad Liar: I don’t know if it was the ’70’s-theme, the lesbian nods, or the fact that Selena Gomez played every single character in this quirky video that did the trick for me, but I am very happy it exists. I sometimes wonder how much work had to go into this to make it work. Selena did that, y’all, period.

12. KelelaLMK: If you thought the song already sounded like a blast from the past with its Aaliyah-esque vibe, then its accompanying music video truly furthered that sentiment. From that shiny metallic trench coat, to the bold backdrops, to the non-stop choreography and wig changes, everything about “LMK” looks like and feels like a celebration of an era.

11. Lana Del ReyLove: Lana‘s dreamy escape to outer space is everything I’ve always wanted and more. Cheeky wink and all, she nailed this one.

10. SZASupermodel: Boyfriend drama? Feeling alone? Isolated? Not good enough? Daydream about fiercely strutting your way through an enchanted forest in a see-through black blouse with matching Ctrl panties. You’ll be better for it.

9. Grimes & Janelle MonáeVenus Fly: As if having Grimes and Janelle Monáe together on one track wasn’t enough already, they went ahead and released this Sailor Moon meets Final Fantasy-like visual trip to accompany their monster of a song. I’ve never been the same…

8. Billie Eilishwatch: Billie was one to “watch” all year long, but she really went ahead and did the damn thing with this visual masterpiece. With the help of director Megan Park, she truly brought the meaning of the song to life as a newly empowered version herself sets fire to her old self – her old self being the one who let a bad relationship affect the way she was viewing herself for the worse – and her old inner thoughts (represented by a crew of female dancers). A major emotional punch in video form.

7. BANKSTrainwreck: Continuing a tradition of unhinged visual glory, the Marie Schuller-directed clip for BANKSThe Altar standout “Trainwreck” exercises her unpredictable and dark sensuality as she performs in front of an old-school VHS camera for anonymous suited ghouls who seem to be trying to control her, follow her, and record her. BANKS goes along with it but knows they’re a bunch of creepy fakes, so eventually she gets her revenge. Are the suited ghouls supposed to represent the mainstream media? record executives? Your momma? WHO KNOWS, either way I absolutely lived.

6. Clean BanditSymphony (feat. Zara Larsson): This is here mostly for the beautifully touching story being told. It speaks for itself “like a love song on the radio.”

5. Taylor SwiftLook What You Made Me Do: I’m not like the biggest Tay Tay fan or anything, but I will give credit when credit is due: “Look What You Made Me Do” is what a pop star music video should look like. Narcissism at its finest.

4. HAIMWant You Back: This dreamy, ’80’s-esque rock throwback was already excellent to begin with, but the track got a major boost thanks to the fabulous dancing featured throughout this Jake Schreier-directed extravaganza — the HAIM sis’ seriously brought the moves. Everything about this video just works, and the fact that the location holds sentimental value to HAIM makes it even better. They’re joyfully strutting down the valley streets they grew up on. Everything, really. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

3. Dua LipaNew Rules: Dua Lipa finally got the recognition she deserved the second she dropped the highly memorable music video for her meme-ready, breakup anthem “New Rules.” What seemed like a normal girls’ night out quickly turned into very uniquely executed dance routines spread throughout the rooms, the hallways, and pool area of a Miami hotel, making for quite the visual treat. It’s a feminist concept, if you will, done in the most fun of ways. Dua Lupa is the pop star we deserve.

2. Kendrick LamarLOYALTY. (feat. Rihanna): Picking just one Kendrick Lamar music video for this list was no easy task because, honestly, Kendrick gave it to us good all year round. “LOYALTY.” with my Queen RiRi is simply here to represent them all. The megastars channel a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in the clip, directed by Dave Meyers, which is essentially a series of symbolic images, pieced together to tell a twisted story of romance, trust, and love. Someone get these two up on the big screen ASAP!

1. Charli XCXBoys: Objectification of men in a music video? HOW DARE SHE. Charli XCX comes in hot with a parody that features a veritable who’s who of high-profile boys: Joe Jonas, Diplo, Rostam, Wiz Khalifa, D.R.A.M., Kaytranada, Stormzy, Riz Ahmed and Swet Shop Boys, Jack Antonoff, Mark Ronson, Flume, Ty Dolla $ign, Joey Bada$$, Chromeo, Charlie Puth, Khalid, and tons more appear in the boy-stuffed visual. HOW DID NO ONE THINK OF THIS BEFORE?!? Pure genius.

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