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‘Off My Feet’: Pia Mia Gives Us A Good Ol’ Feel-Good Bop!

Pia Mia‘s still at it y’all!

You’ll no doubt remember the gorgeous model-singer-songstress from 2015’s underrated earworm “Touch,” as well as last year’s “We Belong Together” and her seductive Jeremih collaboration “I’m A Fan” over the summer. Undeniable bops, without a doubt – and she only continues to keep them coming!

This month, Pia is back an all on her own again with “Off My Feet,” an infectious electro-pop stomper that sees her laying down her sultry vocals over liquid synths, hi-hats and a bouncy dance groove that brings to mind the good stuff of both Terror Jr. and Fifth Harmony. “Ay, you got me trippin’ on ya/ Losing my brain/ You got me sippin’ on ya/ I can’t complain you fuck me up/ You knocked me off my feet with your love/ With your love/ I’m feelin’ drunk/ Cause you knocked me off my feet with your love/ With your love…,” Pia declares on the chant-y hook.

It’s a fun little, bright ditty for sure but much like her previous releases, I doubt this will do anything to boost her music career. I’ll still bop though and so will you!

Pia Mia’s new single “Off My Feet” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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