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Aly & AJ’s ‘Ten Years’ EP: Required Listening Of The Week!

HAPPY NEW MUSIC FRIDAY BITCHES!! (#NewMusicFriday is a lot today, but that’s the annoying case always as of late.)

This is a time for celebration: At long last — a decade after the release of their still-everything sophomore album InsomniaticAly & AJ return, for real this time, with the Ten Years EP aka 15 minutes of 80’s-feeling pop perfection.

As you might already know, the previously released lead single “Take Me” is really fu*king great and “I Know” is absolutely beyond. Know what else is good? The two remaining tracks, “Promises” and “The Distance.”

If you thought “I Know” was dreamy, then you’re not fully prepared for the dreamy greatness that is “Promises.” Yupp, “Promises” is yet another shining highlight from the EP: Those incredible chants throughout the song (“Whooo-ooohh-ooh“) and that joy ride of a chorus with its late night getaway synth pulses. Pure gold, and the lyrics are pure relatable genius, too.

Then there’s the closer “The Distance,” perhaps the most unapologetically 80’s of 80’s-inspired songs from the batch next to “Take Me,” from the propulsive drum intro to those nostalgic synth blasts. “I keep on going the distance/ Time keeps on making me hate this/ It was hot as hell, I still feel/ As good as it was, I just couldn’t take the distance,” the girls chant on the hook, lamenting the distance you feel in a relationship that isn’t working anymore. Like the rest of what we’ve heard from sis duo this time around, the track is extravagant and earnest and optimistic, even in the face of romantic disaster.

The girls did the damn thing, period.

Aly & AJ’s Ten Years EP is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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