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Grace Mitchell Announces ’21st & Motley’ Playlist & Drops Killer New Single, ‘RIIICH’!

Grace Mitchell has blessed us with half a dozen single releases this year – from “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” to “NOW” to “Cali God” to “Come Back For You” to “Capital Letters” and “French Becky,” but despite the meaty batch of new singles, we’ve been hard-pressed for info about the talented songstress upcoming project.

This week, Grace is finally spilling the deets: Instead of releasing a conventional, cohesive album, Grace, 20, will be releasing a playlist called 21st & Motley to showcase all sides of her musical identity. “21st & Motley is a place in my mind, a location I’ve been searching for through my music,” Grace told EW. “I’ve been releasing my songs in a single-based order wherein each song is a different road to the same destination. A destination that doesn’t exist but one I’m slowly discovering through all parts of myself. Taking this journey to a fictional pinnacle has taught me a beautiful lesson in patience and surrender, bound by circumstance and fate, all roads are me. So often we need to choose a destination to allow ourselves to journey at all.”

This news is accompanied by yet another new promotional single called “RIIICH,” a thrilling slice of hard-hitting electro-pop that sees Grace taking shots at society’s obsession with the high-gloss life and millennial’s sense of entitlement.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got rich/ Wouldn’t it be nice if we got paid/ Picking up some nice expensive shit/ Throwing out some nice expensive shade/ All the worlds a fantasy when you never feel the gravity/ Wouldn’t it be nice if we got rich/ Oh yeah baby, yeah baby/ I say rich!,” Grace declares before an enticing post-chorus drops comes surging into the speakers.

RIIICH” might very well be the strongest addition yet to her rapidly growing body of work. “I say RIIICH,” indeed!

Grace Mitchell’s new single “RIIICH” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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