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Remy Ma & Lil Kim Join Forces On New Single, ‘Wake Me Up’!

Rise and shine, bitches: The long-awaited collaboration with Remy Ma and Lil Kim, “Wake Me Up,” has arrived!

Over a bass-heavy instrumental, Remy raps about her appreciation for Kim through references to her classic Hard Core track, “Queen Bitch.” It’s a tribute song of sorts.

If Peter Piper pecked ’em, I bet you Remy ducked ’em/ I told you not to touch ’em, it’s not up for discussion/ All my clothes is custom, straight from France/ My hands like Mayweather’s, all my friends 8 and better,” she confidently raps in a very similar way that Kim did in ’96. The beat also samples Roberta Flack‘s “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye,” which is indeed the same sample that was famously used on “Queen Bitch.”

Kim provides the catchy hook: “Wake me up, mmm, when the mornin’ come/ You bitches ain’t humble ‘nough/ Mmm, when the mornin’ come/ Mmm, when the mornin’ come!/ Wake me up, mmm, when the mornin’ come/ These fake-ass bitches is done/ So wake me up early!

“I wanted to pay homage to Kim,” Remy told Beats 1 about the collaboration. “I feel like she is the Madonna of the hip-hop world. Her style is iconic and I wanted to pay homage to that. I was like, ‘I want you on this record, but I want you to just be Kim. I want you to be the girl that was squatting down in a leopard thong.'”

Remy Ma’s new single “Wake Me Up” with Lil Kim is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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