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Harry Styles Has Epic Food Fight With Kids In ‘Kiwi’ Music Video!

It’s about to be a food fight! Harry Styles just debuted his much-teased music video for his latest single “Kiwi,” and it does not disappoint.

The clip, directed by, opens with the disclaimer, “No children or animals were harmed in the making of this film.” Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Beau Gadsdon plays a miniature version of Harry complete with his long hair and a floral Gucci suit. She kicks off the video by storming down the hallway of an elementary school while carrying a container of cupcakes underneath her arm. Upon entering the school’s gymnasium, Beau slams her Tupperware to the ground and begins chucking the blue-frosted cupcakes at a number of fellow schoolchildren, who quickly follow suit. When Beau runs out of sweets, she darts toward the stockpile of pastries in the center of the room.

Enter Harry, wearing the same Gucci suit, with an adorable golden retriever in his arms. He sends out a battle cry as several other puppies run past to clean up the mess left behind. The video ends with Harry posing for a class portrait with the kids. In the final seconds, Harry smirks and the video cuts to black. The end.

Is there some sort of symbolic signifince to the concept? Possibly! Do I care about it? No necessarily. Did I enjoy myself? Sure, a little bit.

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