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Taylor Swift Frees Herself In Big Budget ‘…Ready For It?’ Music Video!

…are you “Ready For It?

Following last week’s premiere of “Gorgeous,” Taylor Swift‘s debuts the official music video for “…Ready For It?,” the second visual from her Reputation era which was once again directed by her longtime collaborator Joseph Kahn.

Much like the visual for “Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor has packed the three and a half minute clip with tons of hidden Easter Eggs that only her biggest fans would probably notice. What I took away from it is that Taylor is showcasing how she is breaking free of her old self or possibly the way the media perceives her (you know, because like Reputation). She has been placed in a glass box for the world to watch her in throughout all of these years and now she is breaking out of that box and unleashing a new Taylor.

Along the way, Taylor throws in some hidden messages in the video that seem reference her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Right at the beginning of the video, Taylor is standing in front of a wall with “89″ and “91″ painted behind her. Taylor was born in 1989 and her beau Joe was born in 1991. The Chinese letters that are seen on the sign of the hallway spell out, “Year of the Snake.” This is the Zodiac year that Taylor was born in – she was born to be a snake! In another scene, Taylor punches in the numbers 2 and 1. Joe Alwyn was born on the 21st of February. Then there’s the lightning bolts towards the end, which some are saying are meant to reflect the lightning bolts on the “This Is What You Came For” single artwork. Taylor co-wrote the song with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and used the pseudonym Nils Sjöberg instead of her own name. Is there a connection between “Sjoberg” and Taylor being a “cyborg” in the video? Probably!

It’s another big-budget, pop spectacle and honestly I can’t be mad at it. When it comes to visuals this time around, Taylor is bringing the heat. Watch below…

Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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