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Rita Ora Takes Us To Euphoric Heights On ‘Anywhere’, Her Finest Single To Date!

Love her or hate her. Rita Ora isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (See what I did there?)

Following the release of the Ed Sheeran-penned “Your Song” and her Avicii collaboration “Lonely Together,” which has just landed in the Top 3 on this week’s UK Official Singles Chart, Rita is ready to keep things moving all on her own again with a brand new single: “Anywhere” written and produced alongside Watt, Alesso and Sir Nolan.

In brief: I have to say “Anywhere” is honestly and surprisingly Rita‘s most daring output, and also one of her finest songs to date.

Seriously though… The production is dreamy and luscious, especially when complimented by those lingering acoustics. It’s giving me some Kylie Minogue vibes TBH! Also, the way it slowly builds with that slamming pulse to the chorus. Excellent.

The lyrics are also great — all of the lyrics. It’s essentially a live free, forget about your problems, breakaway, hands in the air anthem — a consistent theme in her work. “Over the hills and far away/ A million miles from L.A/ Just anywhere away with you/ I know we’ve got to get away/ Someplace where no one knows our name/ We’ll find the start of something new/ Just take me anywhere, take me anywhere/ Anywhere away with you.” It’s completely liberating, and it’s not cheesy or embarrassing. It’s super cute and unapologetically joyous.

And if that wasn’t enough, the moment the chorus wraps the track suddenly dives into a thrilling, stuttering breakdown of glitchy vocals and electronic beats – sealing the deal completely.

The great thing about “Anywhere” is that it sounds like Rita‘s finally found her footing in the pop musical landscape of things, sitting itself nicely in between “Your Song” and “I Will Never Let You Down.” And yet, it still sounds like a fresh and modern 2017 pop song, remaining a dance record without pandering to any particular expected EDM trends. Rita on the dance floor is clearly where its at, and “Anywhere” is certainly no exception.

I must give props when props are due. Rita you did the damn thing. I’m in love with this!

Rita Ora’s new single “Anywhere” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!


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