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Liam Payne Delivers Smooth Falsetto On Genuinely Enjoyable New Single, ‘Bedroom Floor’!

Liam Payne‘s debut solo single “Strip That Down” may not have been my cup of tea, but that surely didn’t stop it from becoming a Top 10 hit on Billboard Hot 100 as well as a number of other countries. He’s got the swag, he’s easy on the eyes and he used to be part of a huge group. I GET IT Y’ALL!

Luckily for me, Liam is ready to move on to the next single called “Bedroom Floor,” a song that he’s confirmed is his girlfriend, Queen Cheryl Cole‘s absolute favorite of his (I still can’t believe they’re a thing): “We both like that song, and it’s been her favorite from the start.”

The track, co-penned by Charlie Puth, is far sweeter and slightly less cheesier than its predecessor, even though when it comes to the lyrics, it might be naughtier. “You said it was over/ You said it was over/ But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor,” he croons in a silky smooth falsetto throughout the tropical-tinged, dance-pop production. “You said it was over/ But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor…”

Overall, “Bedroom Floor” just feels more fresh and genuine to the Liam Payne we’ve grown to love today, whereas “Strip That Down” felt a little too forced and dated. I ain’t mad at this one. Listen below…

Liam Payne’s new single “Bedroom Floor” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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