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‘New’: Daya Returns Bigger, Better & More Rawer Than Ever!

Talented young starlet Daya has returned!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a year since Daya first made her mark with her breakout 2015 single “Hide Away,” which I supported long before it’s rise.

In that short time, she’s already amassed a loyal and mighty fan base, released a genuinely impressive debut LP called Sit Still, Look Pretty, headlined a tour, and most notably, won a Grammy for her Chainsmokers collaboration “Don’t Let Me Down.” (Basically, I feel like a proud Latin dad.)

Now, Daya‘s back at it again with her brand new single: “New,” the lead single off of her follow-up LP due out early next year and the first release from her new Interscope Records deal.

New,” which was produced by Stargate and written alongside Sir Nolan, James Newman and Leland, the same talented singer-songwriter who co-penned a majority of Daya‘s debut, is a natrual (sonic) continuation of the polished, electro-pop stuff of Sit Still, Look Pretty and her Chainsmokers collaboration “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Though with its detailed story about a past relationship, “New” immediately feels a bit more mature than what we’ve heard from Daya before. The core of the song, though, is purely the stuff of electro-pop heaven, especially with that hard-hitting chorus and its emotionally-charged drop.

I’m missing you/ I’m missing you/ What the hell did I do — did I do?/ Messing with someone new/ Thinking I wanted to/ Turns out I don’t want new/ I want you,” Daya cries out on the frustrated anthem. Those sweeping “thought I’d be better without you/ I can’t stop thinking about you/ now I’m with someone new” are also a total earworm. Yeah, Daya‘s back and she’s better than ever. GET INTO IT!

“I feel like ‘New‘ really is an all-encompassing term for what’s happening in my career right now. It’s a new beginning for me — and I don’t think people will be like, ‘Oh, she’s changed. She’s different.’ I think they’ll be expecting to come along with me on this journey, and they’ll realize that people do change. We’re all humans, we all go through phases,” Daya told Billboard. “I’ve just gained so much confidence in the booth since the Sit Still Look Pretty era. I’m working with really talented producers and songwriters who bring out the best in me. This song doesn’t really beat around the bush. It just tells you that I was hurt by this person and that I’m missing him. All of these emotions are kind of pouring out of this new song, and I think this new era is gonna represent just a more raw, real me.”

Daya’s new single “New” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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