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Jessie Ware Shares An Intimately Gorgeous Music Video For ‘Alone’!

Ahead of the October 20 release of her forthcoming third album Glasshouse, London-bred goddess Jessie Ware today shares the official music video for intimate power ballad “Alone“!

Alone” is, in Jessie‘s own words, a song about how “motherhood has changed my relationship with my husband because there’s a new person in the equation and they’re more important than either of you. ‘Alone‘ was about me focusing on my husband and admitting that we’re not perfect, but at the end of it all, he’s still the one that I want and I need. Sometimes we just need to tell each other that.”

Shot in the beautiful art deco surrounds of Eltham Palace in London, director Charlie Robbins flips between Super 8 cameras in this gorgeously nostalgic piece while Jessie does what Jessie does best: Remain effortlessly cool, stunning and Jessie Ware.

“Alone” by Jessie Ware is also available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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