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Rachel Platten Takes Control On Confident ‘Waves’ Opener, ‘Perfect For You’!

Rachel Platten made her empowering dance-driven return with “Broken Glass” at the tail end of summer. But it ain’t easy for the “Fight Song” hit-maker to stay hopeful, inspiring and positive all the time – she’s got flaws too.

Perfect For You” is the second song (not the second single) from Waves, Rachel‘s upcoming second major-label album due for release on October 27. And much like the stomping lead single, this one sees Rachel diving deeper into pop diva territory: “Perfect For You” is all about owning your flaws, making no apologies, and being confident in your own right in spite of what others may think — a self-empowerment anthem, yes, with the kind of sincerity you’d come to expect to come from Rachel‘s pen.

And it’s true/ I can’t seem to shake it loose/ ‘Cause all this insecurity’s hurtin’ me tighter/ Tryin’ to be perfect for you/ I’m done jumping through hoops/ There’s too much time I’ve wasted out chasin’/ I’ll face it, I cannot be perfect for you,” Rachel declares across a confident disco-tinged strut on the hook. “Be perfect for you/ Be perfect for you/ Be perfect/ Yeah I cannot be perfect for you.”

Sure, this is definitely a departure from Rachel‘s signature sound, but switching it up a little certainly seems to be the winning ticket. I’m paying attention more than ever and so should you.

“After I released ‘Broken Glass,’ I had a sort of a month-long anxiety attack,” Rachel told Entertainment Weekly. “I had spent a year writing songs in a completely safe, creative bubble where I was only focused on what I liked or wanted from the music, and all of a sudden I realized it would have to be judged by the world. It terrified me and it brought up all these fears I thought I had grown out of. ‘Perfect for You‘ was born out of that. I wrote it a week before the record was due and it was a humongous scream of, ‘Screw it!’ I am done worrying about what everyone thinks of me. I care too much. I have to stop. I am good enough as I am.”

“It is also the very first song on the album,” Rachel continued. “and that’s on purpose. I want everyone to hear where I’m at, how exhausted I am trying to please other people, how tired I am of trying to be perfect for everyone else, how much I am owning my art, how much I love what I made and I hope the world does too, but honestly, I’m learning that it doesn’t matter. My job is to make the best art possible, which I think I did. Beyond that, it’s out of my hands.”

1. Perfect For You
2. Whole Heart
3. Collide
4. Keep Up
5. Broken Glass
6. Shivers
7. Loose Ends (with Gian Stone)
8. Labels
9. Loveback
10. Hands
11. Fooling You
12. Good Life
13. Grace

Rachel Platten’s latest “Perfect For You” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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