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Katharine McPhee Takes On Romantic Standards On New Album ‘I Fall in Love Too Easily’

Our beloved American Idol diva Katharine McPhee is back at it (again), but perhaps not quite in the way you were hoping.

The multifaceted talent, who provided us with one of the better American Idol alum debuts with her self-titled LP back in 2007, has returned at last after releasing her criminally underrated 2015 album Hysteria with a stunning rendition of Frank Sinatra‘s classic “Night And Day,” the lead single from her fifth full-length, called I Fall In Love Too Easily. (Same)

The good news is that Katharine‘s gone back to her roots on this brand new collection: Re-imaging, recharging and reinvigorating a host of timeless romantic jazz standards just like she did on Idol, from Nina Simone‘s “Everything Must Change” to Ella Fitzgerald‘s “I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face.” The bad news? Well… I personally would’ve preferred a Hysteria 2.0, but I’ll take what I can get – #TeamMcPheever forever!

“I loved recording at Capitol Studios. It’s such a legendary place to record. You can just feel all the history there. And they made it very special for me by allowing me to sit in the same chair Frank Sinatra sat in during his sessions in Studio A,” Katharine said in a statement. “My producer, Don Was, is about the coolest guy I’ve met in the music industry. We definitely had wonderful chemistry! I wanted to do a record people could make out to. It’s the most romantic music in the world. All of the songs tell stories. That’s why I love them so much.”

“‘Night and Day‘ is the song consistently sung by my mother as I was growing up,” Katharine told EW. “My mother by day was and still is a vocal coach and by night was performing constantly as a cabaret singer. Therefore, the slow torchy songs from the 30s and 40s were embedded in me.”

Katharine Mcphee’s cover of “Night And Day” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!


  • Cruz

    Thank you for posting this, her voice is INCREDIBLE!! While I love her uptempo modern stuff, I feel like her voice was made for this genre. So effortless – can’t wait to buy this!

  • FluteMusic88

    YES! I have been waiting for something like this from her! Her voice is special and was made to sing these kind of songs. I loved half of her first album, and the standouts were the slower ones that really showed off her voice. (Ordinary World has been running through my head recently – so good!) I get why she’s tried to go into the pop route, but her voice is better suited to songs with real emotion. I am super thrilled about this new album! <3

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