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Charlie Puth Owns Up To His Wrongdoings On New Single, ‘How Long’!

Following the success of his smash single “Attention,” Charlie Puth is finally ready to give us more to work with via the release of his second single from his upcoming sophomore LP, titled VoiceNotes. The track is called “How Long” and, sonically, it picks up right where “Attention” left off.

Naturally, “How Long” is another self-produced gem from the crooner that infuses hints of disco with some modern, electro-R&B flare. Lyrically, however, it tells a very different story than “Attention.” Wheres “Attention” saw Charlie dealing with an ex who’s trying to tempt him to come back to her by playing with his emotions, “How Long” – co-penned by Jacob Kasher and Justin Franks – finds him apologizing for cheating on his current love. “I was drunk, I was gone, that don’t make it right,” he expresses in the first verse. “But I promise there were no feelings involved.”

Once the chorus comes rolling in, he flips the script and sings from his pissed-off girlfriend’s perspective: “How long has this been going on?/ You’ve been creeping ’round on me/ While you’re calling me baby,” Charlie croons across the funky bass-line. “How long has this been going on?/ You’ve been acting so shady/ I’ve been feeling it lately, baby.”

While “Attention” may have taken some time to gain some momentum, I don’t really see that being the case for “How Long.” It’s immediate from the very first play and could well turn out to be an even bigger hit. Listen below – What do you think?

Charlie Puth’s new single “How Long” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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