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The Night Game Continue To Impress With New Single, ‘Once In A Lifetime’

In April, I introduced Boston-based band The Night Game and their irresistibly good debut single, “The Outfield.” There was very little information about them at the time but that didn’t stop me, “The Outfield” was a jam (still is).

Well finally after wrapping up a North American tour supporting John Mayer this summer, as well as a string of sold-out headline dates around the U.S, The Night Game have finally decided to give us more to work with in the form of their official follow-up single, “Once In A Lifetime” — their first from their new joint deal with Interscope and Vertigo Records.

Once in a lifetime/ Wake the dead, end dreamer, the angel, the sinner, the saint/ Once in a lifetime/ Dealer’s got 21, that’s Brooklyn or maybe it’s fate/ Once in a lifetime,” frontman Martin Johnson croons across the crunchy drum beats, shimmering synths and lingering piano melodies. “You put the handgun down the bag down and give it away/ Once in a lifetime/ Got your eyes wide open the moment that you could be saved.”

Martin talks on his inspiration behind the new single; “there was a self-destructive time in my life when it was challenging to walk out my front door and the world in my head was more dangerous then the world outside. ‘Once in a Lifetime‘ takes me back to the moment that started with a pinhole of light and ended with a chance to leave that life behind.”

These guys continue to show promise and I’m all ears – Get familiar!

The Night Game’s latest “Once In A Lifetime” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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