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Shania Twain Is Liberated Queen In ‘Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed’ Music Video!

It happened! Fifteen years after the release of her 2002 fourth studio album Up!, Shania Twain has returned at last with her brand new album NOW, featuring the uplifting “Life’s About To Get Good,” the devastatingly heartbreaking “Poor Me” and her latest single “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed“!

In celebration of her big release day, the legendary country-pop superstar has debuted the official video for “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed,” and it’s much more of a celebration of artistic expression than it is anything else – but she’s taking center stage, and she is all sorts of fierce in the process. DUH!

Dressed in a flowing, sheer black gown, Shania gets in position at a dance studio as ballet dancers bring the song to life around her. The fiery song serving as the backdrop as the incredible dancers, all dressed in all white, partner off and show off their intricate movements. The visual elements gets even more interesting when an array of color is thrown into the mix – literally – as the dancers toss paint in the air, transforming their white outfits into vibrant works of art. The fierce factor is turned up a notch when Shania rocks out to the track in a sparkling jumpsuit around the bridge before letting loose with the dancers.

The video comes to a powerful close as Shania gets lost in the song, feeling every movement as she sings “I’m swinging with my eyes closed / Got my hair down a wide open road / I’m swinging with my eyes closed / Only god knows how far it goes.” The visuals awe-inspiring dancers, combined with Shania’s sense of empowerment, makes it feel like a celebration of freedom and liberation.

NOW, the brand new album by Shania Twain is available on Spotify and iTunes now!

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