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Out With The Old, In With The New: Loreen Switches Lanes On Unexpected Single, ’71 Charger’!

Loreen ain’t got no time to waste, and I’m certainly not the one to complain about it!

It was just last month that the Scandinavian Queen released her Nude EP featuring three tracks, “Body,” “Jungle” and “Ocean Eyes.” However, as promised, she is quickly jumping into the promotional campaign for her second studio album due for release in November – her first from her brand new recording deal with BMG.

This, of course, means a brand new single folks! This week, Loreen is back at it again but perhaps (again) not quite in the way you were expecting with “71 Charger,” the official lead single off of her forthcoming LP.

The Nude EP was a soaring burst of experimental production and pop-leaning hooks to show off Loreen‘s more “accessible” versatility. “71 Charger” in contrast, is an infinitely more lush and understated production, colored mostly by heaven-sent strings, gentle plucks of surf guitar and a slow-staggering drum pulse, kind of like something you’d expect to hear on a Lana Del Rey record. It’s Loreen Del Rey.

There are still some familiar Loreen elements included — those haunting background coos, the mumbled verses — but for the most part, this is a fairly bold switch in sound: The tempo shifts frequently, the instrumentation is jagged, and Loreen‘s voice skips between breathy crooning and slurred, drugged-out euphoria. “Bite your tongue hard, keep it to yourself/ Bite your tongue hard, keep it to yourself,” she sings. “To yourself/ I, I’d rather kill myself in a 71 Charger.”

Whether “71 Charger” goes on to reach a broader audience or not, I can’t be too sure this time around. But Loreen is surely swerving left and taking us on an entirely new route with “71 Charger” so you bitches better buckle up… she ain’t got the time to wait.

Loreen’s new single “’71 Charger” is also available on Apple Music now!

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  • David

    She just recently released a swedish documentary titled “life according to loreen” where she talks about her musical evolution and growth. Under her old label she was often not allowed to experiment with different genres like she now instantly is after signing to BMG (i meeeaan, electro release in august, pop-rock in october) which resulted in great frustration and “creative dips”. She says that her new sound as in 71 charger and the upcoming album will be very raw and more stripped down (love me america snippet). Basically more honest she says. We already got a first glimpses at it in the live remix versions during her tours back in in 2014 and especially 2015 when she added live instruments such as the electric guitar to all the arrangements. I personally always prefered the live versions of most of her songs and i am very happy that she brings this sound to the studio. Nude was basically the sound of the 2014 tour, 71 charger sounds like the late 2015 tour. I love all of it and no matter how the public accepts it, i am happy that she gets to be so versatile in her releases.

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