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FLETCHER Returns With A Lush Break-Up Anthem, ‘You Should Talk’!

Darling indie-pop songstress FLETCHER has finally returned.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a year since FLETCHER first stole our hearts away with her impressive (and independently released) debut EP, Finding Fletcher.

In that short time, she’s already amassed a loyal fanbase, gone on to perform at a variety of festivals – Billboard Hot 100 Festival, Hang Out Festival and FireFly Festival, owned the meaning of a true “One to Watch” for PAPER Mag, V Magazine and Marie Claire and announced her first ever headlining tour with opening act Tayler Buono, which kicks off in a few days. (Basically, she’s straight-up killin’ it.)

Now (newly) relocated from New York City to Los Angeles, FLETCHER is ready to kick off a new era with her brand new single: “You Should Talk,” the first song off of her anticipated follow-up project.

You Should Talk,” which was co-crafted alongside KNita + Delacey, is a continuation of the empowering Sara Bareilles-meets-Sia electronica sound of Finding Fletcher. With its kicky synth and drum pulse, “You Should Talk” is a bit crunchier around the edges than FLETCHER‘s previous offerings. The core of the song, though, is purely the stuff of lush pop heaven, especially once that immediate chorus hits.

But you should talk/ Yeah, you should talk/ Heard you found somebody new (yeah)/ Well you should talk/ Yeah, you should talk/ Cause to fuck it up takes it two/ That shit I did, yeah, you did it too/ I’d call you up, but babe this ones on you/ Well you should talk, cause you gave up,” FLETCHER cries out on the frustrated anthem dedicated to a relationship gone ghosted.

It’s fresh. It’s breaking up. It’s crying on the dancefloor. It’s the sound of an artist who’s about to seriously blow up.

“It’s a situation where I got absolutely no closure and was just fully ghosted,” FLETCHER explains of the song’s inspiration. “It’s almost like mourning the death of somebody – when you meet somebody that you love, they become complete strangers and it almost feels like they died. It was a song, for me, that’s just trying to formulate my own sort of version of closure I never really got from a past situation.”

FLETCHER’s new single “You Should Talk” is also available on Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify!

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