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Demi Lovato’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Is Her Best Album Yet: 5 Must-Listens!

It’s the battle of the divas on this blessed #NewMusicFriday!

Yupp, today (September 29) marks the release of Demi Lovato‘s Tell Me You Love Me, Miley CyrusYounger Now, Dolly Parton‘s I Believe In You and Shania Twain‘s comeback album NOW. All of the albums are varying levels of “good,” but since I ain’t got time to dissect every single one of them (It’s just me here y’all), we’re going to talk about just one — and that’s Demi‘s sixth studio album, which is arguably her very best record yet.

Still thriving in the bolder, sexier and unapologetic attitude that we saw in 2015’s Confident, the former Disney princess peels back the layers even more and dives deeper into her psyche and triumphs through her pain and vulnerability on her defiant and revealing sixth go-around.

The whole collection actually deserves your full attention, from lead single “Sorry Not Sorry” to “Sexy Dirty Love” to “Concentrate,” but for those in search of some instant tracks to indulge, look no further than these five must-listens from Tell Me You Love Me. And then listen to all of it, ahhhkkkayy.

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore“: As the first real ballad of the album, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” is a triumphant display of Demi‘s vocal ability with a revealing chorus that thoroughly sets the tone of what lies ahead. Vulnerable but assuredly independent, the singer lays down her full-bodied voice across a cinematic, stadium-sized production as she outlines the exact cause of a relationship now in ruins. Sorry not sorry, indeed.

Daddy Issues“: An insatiable kiss-on from the depths of gay heaven, “Daddy Issues” finds Demi diving deep into pop diva mode as she walks us through her “Daddy Issues” atop propulsive synth pulses and infectious dance beats. “Lucky for you/ I got all these daddy issues/ What can I do?/ I’m going crazy when I’m with you/ Forget all the therapy that I’ve been through/ Lucky for you, I got all these daddy issues,” she declares. Like, excuse me? SAME GIRL. That chorus is an absolute monster — “Daddy issues, uhHHh/ Daddy issues, uhHh.”

Ruin the Friendship“: Stuck in the friend zone? Can’t deny the chemistry? You ain’t even ready for this one. “Put down your cigar and pick me up (pick me up)/ Play me your guitar, that song I love (song I love)/ Thirsty for your love, fill up my cup (up my cup),” Demi seductively whispers on the breezy number, later blossoming into a soaring jazzy production in its final seconds. The songs all about stepping out of a platonic relationship and crossing the boundaries with said person. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been here at some point, and its even more fun to speculate who the hell Demi is talking about. Nick J, dis you?

Lonely” feat. Lil Wayne: “Now I’m fucking lonely, and you didn’t want me/ Trying to show me that you didn’t own me/ But all you do is leave me fucking lonely…” Welp. That’s one way to say it: rather than slapping Lil Wayne‘s feature on a more radio-friendly cut from the LP, Demi smartly plays to Wayne‘s strengths with her moodiest and heaviest, R&B-leaning contribution yet. A little Ariana Grande, a little JoJo, the unrequited love anthem sees Demi showcasing (restrained) control of her voice, her style, and generally her emotions more than ever.

Hitchhiker“: Tell Me You Love Me comes to a satisfying conclusion in the form of “Hitchhiker,” co-crafted alongside Rush Hr., Mitch Allan and Scott Robinson. It’s here in the album’s final moments that she truly blows with all her might, and it’s a beautiful ride. Literally. “I’ve been waitin’ all night, lookin’ for your headlights/ I know that we’re strangers, but I’ll leave it all for you/ Go anywhere you wanna go/ I don’t really need to know, if my heart is in danger/ ‘Cause as long as you’re the driver/ I’m your hitchhiker, yeah,” Demi declares as almighty, soulful ad-lib’s come rushing in. “I’ve been waitin’! I’ve been waitin!

Okay, you get the gist? Go listen to the whole thing… NOW!

Demi Lovato’s sixth studio album Tell Me You Love Me is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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