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BANKS Returns With More Bite (RAH!) On Synth-Heavy New Single, ‘Underdog’!

Your Thursday pick-me-up has just arrived in the form of new music, courtesy of actual Goddess: BANKS!

After a summer filled with tour stops and festival appearances, Banks has returned with a brand new, unexpected single. It’s called “Underdog” and sees The Altar songstress reuniting with producer Al Shux, who previously had a hand in crafting 2014’s “Drowning” as well as last year’s still-everything, “Fuck With Myself.”

Why don’t you step to me?/ You know I like it in the bath when it’s bubbly/ And-a-when-a-come-a-to-ya-kisses I like gluttony/ Even though I got a reputation unaccompanied/ Baby you could make this/ Baby you could make it as the underdog/ Baby you could make this,” BANKS confidently declares on the shape-shifting production.

Underdog” is a refreshing departure from BANKS‘ brooding, electro-pop sound we’ve all come to know and love, and features a ton of bright synths and an irresistible bass line — and yet, despite it’s more pop-leaning sheen, this is undeniably the stuff of BANKS.

She’s back, alright, with a lot more bite. RAH! Speaking to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, BANKS noted that the track came together during a very specific state of mind. “I was in a really ferocious mood,” she said. “There’s a beast inside of me that I haven’t let out fully. And I still haven’t, but I’m allowing it to poke its head above the water a little bit more. And I feel like that feels free, and that’s why I feel so free right now.”

“Underdog” by Banks is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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