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Noah Cyrus Switches It Up On Hypnotic New Single ‘Again’ feat. XXXTENTACION!

While we’ve yet to receive any official word on the release of her debut album NC-17, Noah Cyrus is steadily releasing single by single as she keeps busy as the opening act for part of Katy Perry‘s Witness World Tour. So far we’ve heard the Labrinth-assisted “Make Me (Cry),” the boozy “Stay Together,” the country tinged “I’m Stuck,” and the emotionally devastating “Almost Famous.”

All of the songs of have been varying levels of “good,” but her latest truly takes the cake for me — it’s called “Again,” and it’s a hypnotic slice of downtempo deliciousness that features controversial Florida-bred rapper, XXXTentacion.

I wanna be your lover/ I don’t wanna be your friend/ You don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone my dear/ So tell me that you love me again (tell me that you love me),” Noah croons above the chilly atmospherics, a marching hip-hop beat and menacing loops. But the song really elevates to the next level once the post-chorus drop comes surging into the speakers: “Again, babe/ Again…,” she solemnly echoes.

But seriously, I’m quite into this and it’s one of the few tracks she’s released where she doesn’t sound like her older sister Miley at all. Is it a hit though? Ehh, I don’t see it. I’m still going to bop though! Go ahead Noah

Noah Cyrus’ latest “Again” (feat. XXXTENTACION) is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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  • Moe

    as much as i loved the song and had it on repeat for the last couple of days, the video is shockingly terrible and poor, wtf! she can ask her sis for some money if she can’t afford making a better video. I hate when they take the fans for bullshit.

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