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Billie Eilish Sets Fire To Old Self In Cinematic ‘watch’ Music Video!

Ever since Billie Eilish breakout last year with her intimate love ballad “Ocean Eyes,” the rising 15-year-old pop sensation has only continued to impress, from “Bellyache” all the way up to her stellar debut EP, dont smile at me — which also just happens to be one of the best EP’s of 2017.

And now, she’s really gone and done it with the premiere of the official music video for her latest single “watch.” In the clip, directed by Megan Park, Billie brings the meaning of the song to life as a newly empowered version herself sets fire to her old self – her old self being the one who let a bad relationship affect the way she was viewing herself for the worse – and her old inner thoughts (represented by a crew of female dancers).

“I knew I wanted a black room with four orange Dodge Challengers—that’s my dream car, and especially orange, which is such a good color, god—and a bunch of girls on top of them. I think in so many music videos, there are girls on top of cars but [they’re] like, naked—like strippers on top of cars. And I wanted to take that and change it… I wanted [the girls] to be like, thoughts—the inner [versions of] me, my thought process. They were all dressed like me, which was kind of the idea—in sporty, huge, huge boys-wear,” Billie told Noisey. “And then [there would be] a ladder in the middle, and I walk in from where the camera was with ropes tied to my wrists and tied to my ankles… I wanted all the girls to get off the cars, and I wanted the music to stop, and then I wanted them to run over to me and pour gasoline all over me and tie the ropes all to the ladder. I wanted [the silence] to hold for way too long so it was really uncomfortable. And then somebody lights a match, and then they set me on fire. That was my [original] idea—but it was too short!”

“Our director, Megan [Park], had some ideas, and she came up with the wax [bed]room idea… I’m sitting [in a bedroom], but it looks like the room is melting,” Billie continued. “The idea is that, at the end of the video, you see that room is right across from the ladder where I’m burning. And I get up and I walk over to the other “ladder” me—[who represents] the old me, who’s hurt and heartbroken by this boy, and can’t do anything without thinking about this person, and is so distracted. And the new me is kind of over it. You know? Like, “I don’t want this me anymore. Go away.” So I go up to the old me like, “Screw you, I’m going to light you on fire now.”

It’s so very gorgeous and even a little uncomfortable at times. A major emotional punch in video form – GET INTO IT!

“dont smile at me” by Billie Eilish is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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