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Jessie J Bares Her Soul Like Never Before On ‘R.O.S.E.’ Single, ‘Think About That’!

Jessie J‘s churned out so many sassy bangers (“Bang Bang,” “Wild,” “Do It Like A Dude“), uplifting anthems (“Masterpiece,” “Domino,” “Price Tag“) and emotional ballads (“Thunder,” “Who You Are“) over the past five years, it’s jarring to discover that “Thank About That,” Jessie‘s latest single off of her upcoming fourth full-length album R.O.S.E. — arriving later this year, comes from a place of enormous pain.

She’s vaguely touched upon struggle in the past (“But I’m fighting through a nightmare/ Cause I’m not really being me/ So you don’t really know me…,” she sang on her 2014 Sweet Talker album closer “You Don’t Really Know Me“), but never before has the hurt been so openly exposed… until now.

Think About That” is easily one of Jessie‘s most emotional, soul-baring records to date (if not the most) that sees the songstress spilling out private confessions about an emotionally devastatingly relationship that nearly cost her to lose herself completely.

I’ve carried this load for way too long/ I couldn’t let you go, under a spell of don’t, don’t, don’t/ Ego reaction/ Guess I was holding up face by saving your ass/ You spent my money and I lost their faith,” she painfully croons above a chilly hip-hop strut and a cyclical piano melody crafted by DJ Camper, who also is responsible for producing buzz single “Real Deal.”

As the raw confessional goes on, the story only grows darker, as she opens up about the relationship also damaging her career: “Think about that time when you used my fate/ To stack up on your paper/ Think about that time you told my label lies, you said “She’s crazy”/ Think about the fact they see it now/ You’re a shark, a cheat, a traitor.” Wow.

It’s worth noting that not only are the lyrics arresting, but the song itself—the melody, the production—is indeed haunting. Odds are, though, that no one’s going to be paying attention to anything else but the words coming out of Jessie‘s mouth. This one cuts deep and I’m here for it.

“I didn’t want to write any new songs.” Jessie said in a statement, “Camper said “Ok” then before he left the room, he put the beat for ‘Think About That‘ on a loop. The lyric and melody just starting falling out of me, and 15 minutes later when he returned I had a song. He laughed and said “see.”

Earlier this week, Jessie J announced R.O.S.E. — an acronym for “Realizations, Obsessions, Sex, and Empowerment”—via a video detailing her struggles and journey to this body of work without pulling any punches. Watch it all below…

Jessie J’s latest single “Think About That” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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