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‘Alone’: Jessie Ware’s Big Romantic Ballad From Third LP, ‘Glasshouse’!

Jessie Ware has already blessed us with “Midnight” and “Selfish Love” in the past few months, but despite new singles, we’ve been hard-pressed for info about the talented English songstress’ upcoming third studio album. Now, Jessie‘s finally spilling the deets: The album is called Glasshouse, the gorgeous artwork below is the official cover art, there’s indeed a deluxe edition, and it comes out on next month on October 20th.

This news is also accompanied by a third new promotional single called “Alone,” a romantic slice of R&B balladry loaded with a gigantic hook that was co-written with her longtime collaborator Kid Harpoon, whose responsible for “Wildest Moments” from Devotion and “Desire” from Tough Love.

“I’m so happy to be reunited with Kid Harpoon on this one. It’s a song about stealing time with your loved one, and longing for the simple declaration that they want the same,” Jessie said in a statement. Glasshouse is three for three so far, I cannot wait for the rest.

1. Midnight
2. Thinking About You
3. Stay Awake, Wait For Me
4. Your Domino
5. Alone
6. Selfish Love
7. First Time
8. Hearts
9. Slow Me Down
10. Finish What We Started
11. The Last Of The True Believers (Feat. Paul Buchanan)
12. Sam

Deluxe Edition:
13. Love 2 Love
14. Till The End
15. Hearts (Acoustic)
16. Alone (Acoustic)
17. The Last Of The True Believers (Acoustic) [Feat. Paul Buchanan]

“Alone” by Jessie Ware is also available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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