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Hurts Go For Big Pop Approach On New ‘Desire’ Single, ‘Ready To Go’!

Hurts are moving forward with the release of… Desire!

After unveiling the empowering “Beautiful Ones” along with its sunning visual back in April, the British duo – Adam Anderson and Theo Hutchcraft – have confirmed plans to release their fourth full-length studio album on September 29. “It gives us great pleasure to announce Desire,” Hurts said in a statement.” “An album full of passion, pain and lust… and some of the best music we’ve ever made. We’ll also be embarking on our biggest tour ever later this year. From Siberia to Manchester and everywhere in between.”

This week, Hurts drop yet another single from the collection called “Ready To Go,” and this one is certainly not what I was expecting. The track is as sultry and vaguely menacing as the rest of what we’ve heard from the guys, but with a more uptempo – power pop, radio-friendly – sound than their usual gloomy, melodramatic approach. “When I die, yeah, you know I’ll be ready to go/ When I die, yeah, you know I’ll be ready to go,” Theo chants throughout the dreamy synthscape, which very much sounds like something crated by Ryan Tedder and his OneRepublic crew (see “Kids“).

While it’s indeed nice to see what Hurts can do with a more “accessible” beat, it doesn’t quite match the greatness of their earlier work. With that said, I’m still looking forward to hearing what else Desire has to offer. What do you guys think?

1. Beautiful Ones
2. Desire
3. Ready To Go
4. People Like Us
5. Something I Need To Know
6. Thinking Of You
7. Wherever You Go
8. Chaperone
9. Boyfriend
10. Walk Away
11. Wait Up
12. Spotlights
13. Hold On To Me
14. Magnificent

Hurts’ latest single “Ready To Go” is also available on Apple Music now!

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