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Galantis & ROZES Serve Up A Satisfying Short-Term Remedy With ‘Girls On Boys’!

It all started with a broken heart…

We’ve had the great pleasure of hearing half of Galantis‘ upcoming full-length sophomore album, The Aviary, at this point. Over the last year, the Swedish electronic production duo – Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw – have kept us EDM fans happy with a consistent string of single releases: From 2016’s “No Money,” “Love On Me” and “Pillow Fight,” as well as this year’s “Hunter” and “True Feeling.” There hasn’t been a single dud from the collection yet – not one, y’all!

Galantis just dropped another cut from the set called “Girls On Boys,” and this one is certainly no exception. Featuring a gorgeous topline from rising Philadelphia-bred singer-songwriter ROZES, the track is as vibrant and upbeat as the rest of what we’ve already heard from them, but with a more heart-wrenching — dare I say, personal — approach than their usual playful affair. “It all started with girls on boys, girls on girls/ Red heels on a table and I didn’t care/ It all gets kinda hazy when your heart’s fucked up…ROZES cries out on the hook.

“‘Girls On Boys‘ is about attempting to fix a broken heart with a night of flashy distractions, which is only a short-term remedy,” ROZES said in a statement. “One of my co-writers went though a break-up and we were talking about how he was coping, which was mostly by keeping busy, hanging out with friends, and partying like everything was fine. The up-beat vibe of the song masks the darker lyrics, which reveal that the money, diamonds, and champagne won’t fix the feeling of missing the person you love and feeling alone.”

On “Girls On Boys,” the guys stick to their tried and true formula of soaring, ear-worm pop vocals on top of epic sound design and subtle chord progressions. They have an uncanny ability for keeping their signature sound interesting time after time, and “Girls and Boys” just  continues to prove they’ve got a firm command over their craft. Get into it!

1. True Feeling
2. Hey Alligator
3. Girls On Boys (with ROZES)
4. Salvage (Up All Night) [feat. Poo Bear] 5. Tell Me You Love Me (with Throttle)
6. Hello
7. Hunter
8. Written In The Scars (feat. Wrabel)
9. Call Me Home
10. Love On Me (with Hook N Sling)
11. Pillow Fight
12. No Money

Galantis & ROZES’ new single “Girls On Boys” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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