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Halsey Makes Her Escape In ‘Bad At Love’ Music Video!

It guess it’s time to talk about Halsey again…

By now, we all know that the 22-year-old singer-songstress has successfully made the leap from moody underground-pop star to regular ol’ pop-pop star with her inescapable Chainsmokers hit “Closer” and the release of latest record, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

And sure, yes, I’ve had plenty of not so nice things say about Halsey in the past, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find some of her new songs enjoyable: The repetitive, Rihanna-like lead single “Now or Never” is a solid earworm. “Sorry” is levels of Sia-like gorgeousness (Thank you, Greg Kurstin). And, my favorite, “Alone” is a strut-worthy anthem. As is the ’90’s-biting “Walls Could Talk,” the Lauren Jauregui-assisted “Strangers” and the Ricky Reed-produced “Bad At Love,” the official second single off of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Halsey premiered the accompanying video for “Bad At Love” yesterday afternoon (August 30) and it picks up right where the visual for “Now Or Never” left off — with Halsey continuing on with this era’s Romeo & Juliet-inspired, dystopian universe narrative. Only this time, it’s a little less aggressive. The clip beings with Halsey pulling up to a gas station and bumping into a spooky tarot card reader. From there, she meets with a crew of eccentric ladies before messing around with a couple of cops to avoid being discovered. They hop in their whip and ride into the sunset. The end. It has nothing to do with the song.. but you know, it’s ART folks!

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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