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Premiere: Vardaan Arora Gets Lost In The Darkness On Steamy New Single, ‘Like A Polaroid’!

It’s time to get lost in the darkness. After the release of his 2016 debut “Feel Good Song,” followed by the island-tinged “Just Like That” and “Poison” at the top of the year, New Delhi-born singer-songwriter-actor Vardaan Arora has returned this year with a brand new dance-pop tune called “Like a Polaroid,” premiering exclusively today (August 25) on JonALi’sBlog!

Like a Polaroid” is dark and glitchy and probably the sexiest thing that Vardaan‘s ever done, as an artist. (As a living human person, the sexiest thing Vardaan Arora has ever done is simply exist, because, well, just look at that god damn face.)

The song has shades of early Kesha with some Kelly OsbourneOne Word” thrown into the mix, and also evokes a kind of moody industrial fuck-the-pain-away melancholy, before exploding into a pulsating house track in the post-chorus drop, a shift which injects the song with a very different kind of steamy energy. As a sonic experience, it’s much more innovative than its predecessor “Poison,” which was fairly straightforward in comparison.

“To be honest, I think this is the most fun song I’ve ever recorded. It’s this infectious, upbeat house-y dance track with a little bit of an Indian influence in there as well,” Vardaan said in a statement to Jon ALi. “It’s still very much in line with who I am as an artist, and I think it manages to fit in with my previous work too. I wrote this song (along with Kevin Leach, who also produced ‘Feel Good Song‘) about someone I care for deeply, and how they’ve sort of changed my life since they came into it.”

“Recording the song was a blast. Working with Kevin (Leach) and Nathan (Dantzler) is always a treat, and it was awesome to go back and work with the same team of people who worked on my debut single. We worked on it in Nashville, which is honestly one of my favorite cities,” Vardaan continued. “Putting this song out has me nervous, excited, and just grateful. I’m a huge fan of pop music and I feel lucky I get to make it, but I feel so indebted to everyone who supports me as an artist and takes out time to listen to my music. We don’t have a lot of queer artists of color out here in the industry, and it isn’t easy when a lot of odds are against you – but I’m here doing something I’m passionate about, and hopefully people can see that.”

Vardaan Arora’s single “Like a Polaroid” is also available on Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify!

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