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Loreen Completes Road To ‘Nude’ EP With The Ambient ‘Ocean Eyes’!

Good things come in sets of three…

Following the release of the genuinely great “Body” and the island-tinged “Jungle,” Loreen completes the road to the Nude EP with “Ocean Eyes” and some very exciting news: the Scandinavian Queen has signed a brand new recording deal with BMG for the release of her sophomore album, which she is currently working on with Swedish producer Petter Winnberg and is slated for release on November 17th.

“For me, 2017 was about establishing a sense of independence and channeling it into a new and exciting direction for my music,” Loreen said in a statement. “I really connected with BMG’s mission to support independent artists in a transparent way, but also keeping their creative interests close. When I presented them my vision for the future there was an immediate click and I am really excited to begin this journey between our teams.”

Sanken Sandqvist, managing director, BMG Scandinavia, added: “We are more than excited to welcome Loreen to BMG. Loreen is a true vocalist, her eclectic style can transcend all music genres, from pop to trance music. Her upcoming album has captured that diversity and we cannot wait to introduce it to her fan community.”

As for the Nude EP‘s final cut “Ocean Eyes,” the track is purely the heaven-sent stuff of Loreen when compared to the brief sonic shift that is “Jungle” and “Body.” “Fly away, fly away, an ocean away/ Where I won’t let you hurt me again/ Far away, far away, an ocean away/ Where I won’t let you hurt me again…,” she softly purrs above the spacey ambient textures and solid electronic pulse. It’s a beautifully complex production, despite it never really elevating to its full potential. Still, the song is something sublime – sad disco in its purest form, just the way I like my Loreen.

Based off the new information, it seems as if the Nude EP might just be the mini-collection of “experimental” tracks that Loreen couldn’t see fitting into her forthcoming record. It’s a very satisfying transitional project, if you will, and I’m perfectly content with that. Bring on the album, mama!

Loreen’s NUDE EP is available now on Apple Music and Spotify!

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