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Keyshia Cole Holds No Regrets On Almighty Heartbreak Anthem, ‘Incapable’!

Keyshia Cole is in a very personal state of mind…

Following the release of the sassy Remy Ma and French Montana-assisted “You” all the way back in January, the R&B diva is finally jumping back into it with the release of “Incapable,” the “official lead” single from her upcoming Epic Records debut 1111 Reset – as she confirmed that “You” will no longer be part of the project (a damn shame!).

Whereas “You” saw Keyshia putting an end to the bullshit of a relationship, “Incapable” sees her reflecting on the end of it with heartbreaking lyrics about an “Incapable” partner, presumably her ex Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. “Oh what a what a feeling/ The one that I thought that I needed/ Was incapable, incapable of needing me back/ incapable, incapable of loving like that,” Keyshia cries out on the hook. “Mmm incapable, you’re incapable.”

And then comes the bridge, where the sob fest takes a positive turn and Keyshia declares that she holds no regrets. It’s made her a better Keyshia. “Even though it wasn’t meant to be/ Still I don’t regret a thing/ Cause it sure did mold me,” she sings. Lessons learned, y’all!

Keyshia‘s obviously no stranger to supplying a heartbreak anthem — she’s done it before with “(I Just Want It) To Be Over” and “I Remember” — and she continues to do so beautifully with “Incapable.” Here’s hoping she follows through with an album soon… I need more Keyshia!

Keyshia Cole’s “Incapable” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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