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Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ Music Video Is Indeed The ‘Hottest Mess In History’

Swish, Swish bish… is right.

Earlier this week, Katy Perry shared a teaser trailer for her long-awaited Nicki Minaj-assisted “Swish Swish” music video and encouraged fans to get ready for what she’s calling “the hottest mess in history” – And well, she wasn’t kidding.

In the Dave Meyers-directed clip, Katy plays on a basketball team of misfits called The Tigers, which includes Glee‘s Jenna Ushkowitz, Stranger ThingsGaten Matarazzo, “Backpack Kid” Russell Horning, actor-dancer Dexter Mayfield, and comedian Christine Sydelko. The Tigers take on a group of very large men called The Sheep and they get slaughtered (as expected). However again, like all good sport stories, there’s a last-minute underdog angle after Nicki makes her green-screened cameo for the Halftime Show and Katy‘s team ends up victorious.

Other celebs in the video include coaches Terry Crews and Molly Shannon, announcers Bill Walton and Rich Eisen, a cheerleading squad featuring cast members from Netflix’s GLOW (Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Kia Stevens, Jackie Tohn, and Ellen Wong), football player Rob Gronkowski, competitive eater Joey Chestnut, and more!

While I get the whole “parody” angle, the song could’ve benefited from an actual glamorized theme, kind of like her SNL performance. This all just seems like a big joke, and not in a good way. Sorry Katy. Onto the next?

Katy Perry’s latest album Witness is available now on Apple Music and Spotify!


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  1. Nicki looked amazing but yeah the video was stupid.

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