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Miley Cyrus Reaches Dreamy New Heights With New Single, ‘Younger Now’!

Change is a thing you can count on… and for Miley Cyrus, that change means growing up, even if she feels “so much younger now.”

Earlier this week, the “We Can’t Stop” hit-maker announced that the title track of her sixth studio album, Younger Now, would be released as the official follow-up to “Malibu” following her absence from the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. “To my dearest fans & all of those watching… I want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for presenting me with #TheUltimateChoiceAward!,” Miley wrote on Instagram. “I am beyond bummed I couldn’t make it to the show as I had every intention of being there to accept and celebrate this honor! I created an unrealistic schedule for myself which leads me to this announcement! I’ve been tryin to keep the secret but I can’t hide it any longer! My new single / music video #YoungerNow will be dropping this Friday, Aug 18th & I am sooooooo EXCITED to share it with all of you!”

And today (August 18), along with the gorgeous artwork and tracklist for the anticipated LP, Miley has dropped off “Younger Now,” as promised, along with its accompanying music video.

Younger Now” instantly plays out like a clear shining highlight from the upcoming LP, and Miley and her signature full-bodied vocals are, of course, the undeniable force driving the song’s folky-tinged greatness: Those infectious relaxed melodies in the verses (“Feels like I just woke up/ Like all this time I’ve been asleep?“) and that joyride of a chorus, which soars through the speakers like a nostalgia-evoking, leave-all-your-worries-behind anthem catered perfectly for a liberating windows-down, hands-in-the-wind late night drive.

No one’s day is the same (oh, oh)/ You know what goes up must come down (oh, oh)/ Change is a thing you can count on (oh, oh)/ I feel so much younger now (oh, oh),” Miley declares across the dreamy acoustics and propulsive drum beats. It’s hardly anything life-changing and bit cheesy, yes, but there’s something quite euphoric about it. The Miley we see today seems like a very happy and sure of herself Miley. I quite like it.

1. Younger Now
2. Malibu
3. Rainbowland
4. Week Without You
5. Miss You so Much
6. I Would Die for You
7. Thinkin’
8. Bad Mood
9. Love Someone
10. She’s Not Him
11. Inspired

“Younger Now” by Miley Cyrus is also available on Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify!

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