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Bonnie McKee Offers Up A Satisfying Warning On Chilly New Single, ‘Thorns’!

At last: Bonnie McKee is back at it (again)!

Following the release of her superb 2015 Bombastic EP, which came with a music video for every single track – from “Bombastic,” “I Want It All,” “Wasted Youth” and “Easy,” the pop master-crafter has returned today (August 18) with a brand new song to kick off a new chapter: “Thorns” – And she’s seriously serving, but probably not in the way you were expecting.

“I wanted to do something unexpected. Everyone has heard my signature fun, bright, splashy pop bops, now it’s time for them to get a taste of my darker side,” Bonnie said in a statement about the song. Yupp, on “Thorns” the “American Girl” diva strays far away from her giddy, glittery pop roots and delivers a slow-building, super chilly electro-pop banga, which, if anything, feels like a natrual progression from the Bombastic EP.

I got, I got thorns/ Wear them like a crown, yeah/ I got, I got thorns/ You should know by now, yeah/ I got, I got…,” Bonnie warns before the song suddenly dives into a thrilling, stuttering breakdown of glitchy vocals and electronic beats on the hook: “That’s what you get when you pick a rose/ That’s what you get when you pick a rose/ Thorns/ That’s what you get when you pick a rose/ Easy to love but I’m hard to hold/ Thorns…

The song without a doubt knocks a little bit harder than what we’ve heard from her in the past, yet it’s still instantly recognizable as the stuff of Bonnie McKee the artist. Welcome back girl!

“‘Thorns‘ is kind of an unapologetic proclamation that I’m not always a ray of sunshine, and that my sometimes aloof demeanor can be misinterpreted as rejection or being cold. On the contrary, I’m quite vulnerable, but I am a complicated, multidimensional woman and that can sometimes be intimidating for people,” Bonnie told Billboard. “I have always been told that I can be a bit, how should I say… prickly? [Laughs] I think of myself as generally warm and generous with my love, but I am guarded on a deep level and that can make people feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I’m more logic driven and less emotional, which can sometimes throw people off. It’s not on purpose, I genuinely can’t help it.”

“Thorns” by Bonnie McKee is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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