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Aly & AJ Demand Your Full Attention On ’80s-Tinged Comeback Single, ‘Take Me’!

The Aly & AJ comeback is now in full swing, and I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled.

After its accidental (“unfinished”) release on June 2nd, the former Disney Queens have finally revealed their brand new single “Take Me” in all of its wonderful, full finished glory.

While the sister-duo technically (briefly) returned back in 2014 as 78violet with their first single in five years, “Hothouse“, “Take Me” marks the return to their namesake duo, the one which brought us classic pop-rock classics like “Rush,” “No One,” and most importantly “Potential Breakup Song” from their still iconic 2007 album Insomniatic.

Take Me” is a blissful, ’80s-tinged rush of Aly and AJ‘s signature swooning that is equal parts shimmer and sass, as the girls confidently demand your undivided attention. “When you gonna take me out?/ Make a move and make it now/ When you gonna take me out?,” the girls shout across the striding synth-pop pulsations.

Like “Bullseye” off of Insomniatic, “Take Me” sees Aly and AJ unapologetically being aggressive in their come-on game: “I know that you would want it/ If I could sink my teeth into you/ First you gotta ask me out!” A welcome return to form after a less thrilling foray into folk-pop with the grungy, “Hothouse.”

Infectious pulsations. Dreamy crooning. Catchy melodies. This is exactly where Aly & AJ needs to be, they truly came through.

“Take Me” is also available on Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify!

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