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‘dont smile at me’ EP: Billie Eilish’s Impressive Debut (Required Listening)!

ICYMI: Billie Eilish‘s debut EP, dont smile at me, is officially out!

If you’re just now getting familiar with the rising 15-year-old pop sensation, a brief recap to explain why dont smile at me deserves your full attention (like, yesterday): Billie‘s stunning breakout “Ocean Eyes” is on it, as is the break-up lullaby “watch,” which is beyond, as well as the addictive “COPYCAT,” which proves she’s better than all your faves, the beautifully devastating “idontwannabeyouanymore,” and “Bellyache,” one of the Best Pop Songs of 2017 – dont fight me on that (or do, i dont care).

  • Know what else is good? “party favor,” a delightful ditty “about breaking up with someone in a voicemail…on their Birthday” Billie explains and “hostage,” a song that borders on and explores the unhealthy side of love. Billie points out “when you are so in love that you feel like you can’t be without them and you can’t see them with someone else. It is not a healthy feeling but I think everyone feels it at some point.”

There’s simply not a single dud in the entire set. So, if you like smartly-crafted pop.. look no further – Billie is the one!

“dont smile at me” by Billie Eilish is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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