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Jessie J Teases New Era With Breezy Buzz Single, ‘Real Deal’!

Bang! Bang! Into the room… Jessie J is back!

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from the talented 29-year-old singer-songstress, who hasn’t released any new material since 2015’s “Flashlight” and has since become a judge and mentor on the Australian version of The Voice.

After some proper time out of the spotlight, Jessie J has returned with “Real Deal,” a buzz track that she isn’t billing as a lead single but a teaser of what’s to come. It’s also part of her collaboration she’s done with M&M’s Beatbox, their interactive beatbox platform. “This is like a warm-up. This is purely just something that I’ve done with M&M’s. But the song I wrote myself with a producer that’s produced my new record,” Jessie told Forbes. “It’s definitely in the vein of the new kind of, I want to say, era. That sounds so “Instagram.” But the vibe of the next phase of my life, in my career. I think it’s just because it’s new music, everyone’s like, “It’s a single,” and I’m like, “It’s not a single!”

Produced by DJ Camper, the track finds Jessie in fine form as she laces her soulful, full-bodied chops across a breezy, Hip-Hop-flavored production. “This shit feels so strong/ Cloud 9, I’m feelin’ heavenly/ This vibe we fell upon/ You touchin’ every part of me/ This shit feels so strong,” she croons ahead of the hook: “This could be the real deal (oh, yeah)/ I don’t wanna waste it, take the risk and make it (oh, yeah)/ Ain’t no need for fakin’, love is for the takin’ (we special)/ This could be the real deal (oh, yeah).”

The song is far from game-changing but still, if viewed as just a change in direction (transitional), it makes for a solid listen.

“Real Deal” by Jessie J is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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