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Phoebe Ryan Breaks Free On Liberating Anthem, ‘Forgetting All About You’ (feat. Blackbear)

When we last heard from Phoebe Ryan, she was taking a walk on the “Dark Side” with her irresistible club throb all the way back in February – but as the rising pop starlet releases her newest tune, “Forgetting All About You,” it’s clear that’s she finally found the light.

The instantly irresistible kiss-off track, which features blackbear, showcases Phoebe‘s signature airy vocal style as she puts her foot down, and claims her independence with absolutely zero fucks – her words, not mine. “Every afternoon, I’m stoned as shit/ Higher than the moon, not wearing pants/ Laughing at cartoons, it’s super fun/ Forgetting all about you,” she sings across the bubbly electro-pop beat. “Every single night, I’m making plans with my stupid friends/ I drink ’til I’m sick, throw up in the club/ It’s super fun forgetting all about you…

The song features artwork created by Phoebe herself and is set to be included on her upcoming sophomore EP due out this fall. “Last year, I spent a month or two in a wild daze, convinced I didn’t need anyone or anything to tie me down. I was fearless, reckless, and super high on life. Even when I was home alone and watching cartoons naked, it was a freakin party,” Phoebe said in a statement. “‘Forgetting All About You‘ was written in the midst of those days with close friends who understood that I needed a song to celebrate my independence and all the nonsense that came along with it.”

“Forgetting All About You” by Phoebe Ryan is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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