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Grace Mitchell Is Unapologetically Reckless On ‘Capital Letters’!

Continuing a summer whirlwind of steady single releases, which so far have included “NOW,” “Cali God” and the irresistibly dreamy “Come Back For You,” Grace Mitchell uncorks yet another new song entitled: “Capital Letters“!

Produced by Foster the People‘s Isom Innis, “Capital Letters” brings back the high-energy sonics of her predecessors “NOW” and “Cali God,” as the reckless side of Grace‘s attitude comes pouring out above an abundance of intimidating stabs of guitar and a wicked drum pulse. “Fuck it, I’ll just take it with me/ If I know that I’ll pay for it later,” she confidently declares before bursting into the song’s crashing chorus: “Hey!/ I know I’m making a big mistake/ I wanna do it the hard way/ I’m gonna say it in capital letters, capital letters/ Hey!/ I’m gonna mess up deliberately/ Because I’m fed up with common play/ Let’s see how you react in capital letters, capital letters.”

Capital Letters” is a defiant, rock-infused middle finger in the air that once again proves that there’s no pinning Grace down to just one genre – she’s the real deal who plays with all the colors! About the song, she had the following to say: “‘Capital Letters‘ is about defiance and rebellion even if there are immediate consequences.”

“Capital Letters” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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