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Emily Warren Debuts Cinematic Visual For ‘Something To Hold On To’!

In case you haven’t been paying attention… Emily Warren‘s brand-new single “Something To Hold On To” is an instant earworm that doubles as an emotional punch to your heartstrings.

The gorgeous and deeply emotional, soaring ballad has already been on heavy rotation every since it dropped last month, so it’s no surprise that the just released accompanying music video is a just as heart-wrenching and impactful, too.

In the cinematic clip, directed by Blythe Thomas, we see the singer-songstress truly bringing the story of the song to life. “I wrote ‘Something to Hold on To‘ late one night when my boyfriend (who was smoking cigs at the time) said he was going outside to have a smoke. It’s hard to explain the wave of emotion that took me over every time he did that, and then how hard it was for me to calm down, even if I thought at a certain point I was being irrational,” Emily told Untitled Magazine. “But what was hurting me deep down, was the fact that I was going through such a transitional period at the time, and everything around me changing, and watching someone you love and count on do something to harm themselves is inexplicably upsetting. I tried to capture that feeling in this song, and my boyfriend, Phil Leigh, and his production partner Matt Holmes (of Mac & Phil) produced the song and I think really captured this tension and release sonically and in the way the song builds and breaks down again.”

“I came up with the video concept with Blythe Thomas, who shot it alongside David O’Donohue. Since the song is so personal and honest I wanted the video to be the same,” Emily added. “I sometimes think its funny when people have actors step in for their significant others in videos, but I wanted Phil to be in it – and not only was he willing but he totally crushed it. He’s a natural! The video essentially plays out exactly what the song is about with the real people involved, plus AMAZING outfits styled by the amazing Drew Manares. I’m honestly soooo happy with how it turned out and so excited to be sharing it.”

“Something To Hold On To” by Emily Warren is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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