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‘Something To Hold On To’: Emily Warren Lays Her Emotions Bare With A Powerful Ballad!

Emily Warren, Pro Writer of Pop Gems, has really gone and done it now…

For her second solo musical serving, following “Hurt By You” back in May, the talented singer-songstress is stripping it down even more with an incredibly powerful ballad called: “Something To Hold On To“!

You put your lips to nicotine and say it’s just the one/ But nicotine don’t care about your lungs/ Your squeeze my hand/ You say it’s fine/ It’s only when you’re drunk/ I wish I’d just let you do what you want,” she begins.

In contrast to the bluesy production of “Hurt By You” or even the EDM-drenched pulsations of her Chainsmokers‘ cuts, “Something To Hold On To” sees Emily laying her emotions bare above the simplest, sweetest of piano melodies. As it goes on, the song fills out with some more gorgeous production, including chill-inducing strings and a hard-hitting, marching drum beat. But the focus remains entirely on Emily‘s haunting voice: “But I’m gonna need something to hold on to/ Something to hold on to/ Yeah, I’m gonna need something to hold on to/ Something to hold on to.” CHRIST!

It’s a deeply emotional, organic and personal moment (you know, like a true singer-songwriter’s song should sound), and an honest reflection of being in a relationship with someone who’s choosing to put their life at risk. After hearing this, you’re gonna need something to hold on to – Consider yourselves warned!

“Something To Hold On To” by Emily Warren is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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