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Shania Twain Ditches Her Country Roots On The Devastatingly Heartbreaking, ‘Poor Me’!

When you think of your favorite Shania Twain song, what do you think of? Something confident and sassy, like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman“? Maybe a little sway with your babe for the dance floor, like “You’re Still The One” and “From This Moment On“? Or how about something twangy and uplifting, like her latest output “Life’s About To Get Good“?

Or, do you think of the legendary country-pop superstar angrily whimpering and breaking down about being unable to let go of the heartbreak of her husband leaving her for her best friend?

Welcome to “Poor Me,” the second cut to be lifted from her upcoming album Now (due out on September 29th) – a completely unexpected, very personal and sort of emotionally devastating (yet impressive) shift in sound for the Country diva. Apart from The ChainsmokersDon’t Let Me Down“-like production stylings in the intro, the song itself is really excellent, and sort of humanizes (and reinvents) Shania more than ever before: Ditching the giddy country-pop pulsations for crashing atmospherics, distant moody sighs and a chilly tripping beat, Shaina details the agony and suffering she went through during her unfortunate divorce with longtime hubby Robert John “Mutt” Lange in 2008.

Poor me this/ Poor me that/ Why do I keep/ Looking back?/ Poor me this/ Poor me that/ It’s not white/ It’s not black/ Grey’s the colour/ That I see/ Still can’t believe/ He’d leave me/ To love her,” she defeatedly declares on hook. Then comes in the bridge: “I know it should get better/ Oh, but it never does/ I wish he’d never met her/ Then everything would be the way it was…” Shook! Shania really goes there. It’s so good, yet so drenched in anguish. I honestly didn’t see this coming…

Just when you thought “Life’s About To Get Good,” Shania‘s gone and dropped a true heartbreaker instead. Listen below…

“Poor Me” by Shania Twain is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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